Enfusion Launches Market Data For Remote Workforce

Enfusion Launches Market Data For Remote Workforce

Enfusion, a leading global provider of cloud-based investment management solutions and services, announced today the launch of a range of new productivity tools aimed to fulfill the new needs of its work-from-anywhere customer base with simplicity in mind. The new Enfusion Experience includes a new desktop design and applications for web and mobile, as well as high-quality, real-time streaming market data from over 200 global exchanges available to clients through a bespoke access mechanism.

Enfusion has collaborated with FactSet, a global provider of integrated financial information, to develop a new solution for individual market data consumers to receive FactSet-provided access to view real-time market data within their applications more seamlessly than ever before. Through this collaboration, Enfusion’s investment management mobile applications will access FactSet-provided real-time market data. Enfusion synchronizes clients’ portfolio data across workstation, mobile and web which allows individual Enfusion users to easily switch between devices and always have an accurate, real-time picture of portfolio status from anywhere.

“In a world where our devices are an extension of our physical offices, we saw a pressing need to introduce a unified solution to deliver the tools and crucial market data information needed for investment decision-making intuitively across any Enfusion application our clients choose to use,” said Thomas Kim, Enfusion CEO. “While our desktop software and new web and mobile applications were built in-house, we needed to find a like-minded partner to develop the critical market data component that would complete our new suite of tools. FactSet proved to be the ideal partner, not only because they provide the gold standard in data provision and quality, but also because of their willingness to work with us to develop a solution that is unbeaten for ease-of-use, breadth of access, and value.”

“Clients want flexible access to view real-time market data within their applications,” said Jonathan Reeve, Head of Content and Technology Solutions for FactSet.  “We are proud to expand our work with Enfusion to leverage a solution that makes it easier for our clients to use market data where, when, and how they want to.”

In addition, Enfusion has bolstered its data service offerings, which include a broad range of global, fully integrated security master data, EOD pricing data and more from leading third-party providers. Enfusion also offers supplementary middle- and back-office data integration and management services to help ensure data is always clean, accurate, unified, and current. The enhanced Enfusion Data Solutions will increase productivity across the board and allow for a more seamless workplace, at home or on the go.

Source: Enfusion

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