Ensemble Capital Taps Numerix for Risk Management


Ensemble Capital, the absolute return global AI fund based in Singapore, is live with Numerix’s Oneview Asset Management solution for real-time risk and portfolio management. Founded by former JP Morgan foreign exchange option traders Atsuo Ogaki and Damien Loh, Ensemble Capital uses machine learning and deep learning AI algorithms to analyze market data, forecast moves, and trade currency and currency options in order to generate uncorrelated returns to traditional asset classes.

One of the largest new fund launches in 2018 based on AI Strategy, Ensemble’s proprietary AI models instill discipline and provide a systematic approach to markets. Combined with the expertise of human traders, the fund is able to approach global macro markets scientifically, and holistically.

A SaaS-based real-time front-to-middle office solution, Oneview Asset Management provides streaming real-time performance, flexible and customizable risk reporting and support for all asset classes. Fully deployed on AWS as a Managed Services solution with MAS security compliance, Numerix provides Ensemble with third-party connectivity to their execution platforms and prime broker/fund admins. Portfolio accounting and cash management operations are also supported, as well as API integration to all required market data providers and trading venues.

Steve O’Hanlon, CEO of Numerix comments, “Being selected by industry veterans Ogaki-san and Damien, former trading heads from sell-side institutions, is a validation of the platform’s differentiation and sophistication compared to others in the market. Our quick implementation and customization for them have helped Ensemble go live quickly. Not only is the solution comprehensive in terms of functionality, but it’s able to offer a low total cost of ownership, something attractive for start-up hedge funds.”

“While a number of macro hedge funds are starting up recently, Ensemble is unique in the sense that our investment process employs deep learning and deep reinforcement learning, a subset of AI that has demonstrated great success in other fields. 2018 was a challenging year and we managed to perform in adversity, achieving growth and positive returns uncorrelated to traditional asset classes and surpassing several benchmark indices,” said Ogaki and Loh at Ensemble.

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