Essentia Analytics Launches Insight Enterprise

Essentia Analytics Launches Insight Enterprise

Essentia Analytics, Ltd., a leading provider of behavioral data analytics and consulting for professional investors, today announced the launch of Essentia Insight Enterprise, bringing the power of Essentia’s best-in-class behavioral analytics technology to teams of equity portfolio managers.

Launched in 2013 to provide behavioral analytics and performance metrics to active portfolio managers, Essentia’s flagship product, Insight, is a unique combination of sophisticated data analytics and specialist behavioral consulting. It enables clients to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their investment processes, providing them with individualized ‘nudges’ to improve their decision-making and increase their alpha generation.

With the addition of Insight Enterprise, Essentia now delivers these analytics and services to  teams of investment managers, with additional features and a price structure that significantly reduces the per-portfolio cost.

Insight Enterprise is designed to serve teams of five or more equity strategies, and combines direct access to Essentia’s full suite of powerful behavioral analytics with an a la carte pricing model for Insight’s consulting and nudging services. Through this customizable solution, individual managers can select the tools they wish to incorporate into their investment process without paying for services they don’t use. The core Insight Enterprise platform pricing is based on the number of portfolios analyzed, which dramatically lowers the cost for each portfolio compared to the standalone Insight service.

“As we move forward in the new normal of lockdowns and remote working arrangements, companies everywhere are rethinking how they do business,” said Clare Flynn Levy, CEO and Founder of Essentia. “Insight Enterprise is an invaluable tool for investment leadership to assess where in their organization the most value is being created, and for portfolio managers to remain true to their investment process during a particularly turbulent time.”

Source: Essentia Analytics

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