EU Launches Digital Finance Platform

How APIs are Changing the FinTech Narrative

ESMA Chair, Verena Ross, delivered the closing remarks at the launch of the EU Digital Finance Platform, event organised by the European Commission. She talked about the support for innovation facilitators, the work of the European Forum of Innovation Facilitators (EFIF), the Cross-Border Testing Framework – one of the most prominent projects of the EFIF in the past year – and the future ambitious for the Platform.

Verena Ross, Chair:

“ESMA, together with the other European Supervisory Authorities, will continue to support the EU Digital Finance Platform. It provides a single access point for all the information related to facilitating financial innovation in Europe. But the ambition is greater than this. We look forward to making the Platform a tool that will be recognised and used by FinTech in Europe.”

The event brought together the European Commission, Banca d’Italia, Finanzmarktaufsicht, Austria, European Fintech Association, European Banking Federation, European Digital Finance Association, and Insurance Europe.

Source: ESMA

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