Eurex Admits First US-Based General Clearing Member


In times of crisis, resilience and robustness are essential. In the frequent discussions about the topic, greater diversification of risks among clearing service providers is a recurring theme. We are about to make a valuable contribution by expanding our clearing services to the U.S.

INTL FC Stone US, a provider of customized financial services, has become our first admitted U.S.-based General Clearing Member (GCM) for Exchange Listed Derivatives.

Matthias Graulich, Member of the Executive Board of Eurex Clearing AG, welcomes the first GCM from the U.S.: “Broadening direct CCP membership reduces the concentration risk inherent in fewer clearing service providers, an important contribution to the stability of the trading and clearing ecosystem.”

The launch of clearing memberships from the U.S. permits eligible firms to clear own and client accounts for CFTC-certified instruments. This allows them to better serve their regional clients, to reduce costs by improving process efficiency and to more flexibly leverage their domestic capital base.

Currently, Eurex Clearing serves about 200 Clearing Members in now 21 countries, managing a collateral pool of over EUR 50 billion and clearing trades valued at over EUR 500 billion each day. The U.S. Market accounts for over 20% of global Eurex ETD volume in CFTC-certified derivative products, representing a daily volume of roughly 2.5 million contracts.

Source: Eurex

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