Eurex Grows OTC Clearing

Source Expands ETFs in Germany

Eurex’s OTC Clearing business continued its strong year with notional outstanding in interest rate swaps (IRS) growing 26 percent – from 7,815 billion EUR to 9,856 billion EUR – and average daily cleared volumes in IRS jumping 31 percent from 13 billion EUR to 17 billion EUR. The overall figures for all products show notional outstanding volumes growing by 5 percent – from 19,488 billion EUR to 20,454 billion EUR – and average daily cleared volumes up 11 percent from 99 billion EUR to 110 billion EUR.

Overall derivatives trading volumes at Eurex in July 2021 remained largely flat compared to the same month last year, with a drop of 2 percent from 112.8 million traded contracts to 110.4 million. Looking at the individual product segments, European interest rate derivatives volumes grew by 14 percent – from 33.8 million traded contracts to 38.5 million – and European equity derivatives grew by 4 percent from 17.1 million traded contracts to 17.8 million. European equity index derivatives volumes fell by 11 percent from 60.3 million contracts to 53.9 million.

At Eurex Repo, the leading electronic marketplace for secured funding and financing which recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary, Repo Market volumes remained virtually flat compared to the same month in 2020, while GC Pooling volumes fell by 41 percent from 63.4 billion EUR to 37.6 billion EUR.

Source: Eurex

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