EuroCCP’s COVID19 Response

In response to the evolving COVID19 situation, EuroCCP is making sure it is fully prepared to continue to operate as normal and is in close dialogue with all its stakeholders including clients, regulators and suppliers.

In line with the recently issued advice from the Dutch Government to work from home as much as possible, we have begun transitioning our staff to working remotely. All critical functions, including external communications, continue to operate as normal with no impact to the functioning of our services.

EuroCCPs Business Continuity Framework is centred around the ability to work remotely for an indefinite period of time without the need to access our office locations in London and Amsterdam. Our ability to operate remotely is regularly tested and a test was recently completed confirming our ability to continue our services without any disruptions.

We continue to monitor the situation closely and will inform stakeholders of any changes to the normal functioning of our services should any such changes arise.

Source: EuroCCP

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