Euronext Adjusts Portuguese Benchmark National Index

Euronext Adjusts Portuguese Benchmark National Index

Euronext announced that the name of the Portuguese benchmark national index will change from the PSI 20® to the PSI®. The index methodology will also be adjusted in order to improve the liquidity and efficiency of the index and to better meet index users’ needs.

The adjustments to the PSI index methodology will include determining a minimum size for companies to enter the index at the time of the quarterly and annual reviews (free float market capitalisation of EUR 100 million) and removing the requirement for a minimum number of constituents.

These modifications are the result of an extensive public consultation process that was open to stakeholders including Portuguese and international users of the index, and which was carried out with the objective of determining the best outcome for all market participants and stakeholders.

The new name and changes to the methodology are designed to increase the attractiveness of the index, by improving its quality and consequently the confidence of its users. The PSI will continue to act as the benchmark measure of the performance of the leading companies listed on the Portuguese market.

The new rules and designation will be effective from March 2022, on the occasion of the annual index review.

Source: Euronext

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