Fidelity AMP Adds Custom Investment Models


Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions® has incorporated customized investment models to Fidelity Automated Managed Platform (AMP), its award-winning, financial planning-led digital advice solution. By combining digital advice capabilities, goals-based financial planning and personal advisory relationships, Fidelity AMP helps advisors meet the needs of the more than 60% of investors who want a combination of digital capabilities and access to human advicei. Advisors can now further tailor the experience through customized investment models, which are beginning to roll out in Fidelity AMP to a limited number of initial firms.

The update gives advisors the ability to customize portfolios in Fidelity AMP by creating models based on end-investors’ risk tolerance and other factors. Advisors can build curated models using a wide range of funds from across the industry, as well as define the asset allocations, truly resulting in a customized experience for their clients.

“Digital advice solutions help advisors meet investors’ varied, evolving needs, and Fidelity AMP hits the balance of digital and human elements that advisors have said they’re looking for – allowing them to collaborate with investors on financial planning and evolve alongside those clients,” said Gary Gallagher, head of Investment and Managed Solutions, Fidelity Institutional. “Fidelity AMP helps advisors focus on higher value conversations with investors, effectively leverage digital advice to serve more clients and scale their businesses, and efficiently offer personalized experiences – even more so now with custom investment models.”

Enhancements to Fidelity AMP Continue to Meet Advisor and Investor Needs
Fidelity AMP is a comprehensive, easy-to-use digital advice solution that firms and advisors can customize and integrate with their existing offerings, including white-labeling the end-investor portal with their branding. Co-developed by Fidelity and eMoney Advisor, Fidelity AMP was purpose-built based on conversations with advisors about how the digital advice solution could best meet their needs and help them deliver maximum value to investors. The Fidelity AMP team continues to improve the solution based on ongoing discussions, and it now features:

  • Enhanced education and guidance in the end-investor portal, helping direct investors through account opening, account funding, and goal creation and management. This makes it easier for investors to manage the digital aspects of their accounts, which means they can focus on higher value topics during conversations with their advisors, such as life event planning.
  • Deeper data integrations that enable firms and advisors to more tightly integrate the platform with their online portals. The integrations – which include single sign-on, account opening and money management data prefills, auto aggregation, integrated planning, and digital account set-up – streamline the onboarding workflow, resulting in increased efficiency and more time for customer interactions and relationship building.

“The planning-led nature of Fidelity AMP helps advisors build relationships with investors who want a digital solution, and then grow them over time on the same platform as investors’ needs evolve,” said Ed O’Brien, chief executive officer of eMoney Advisor. “Further simplifying the advisor and investor experiences allows them to focus more on those planning discussions.”

To meet the varied needs of its institutional clients, Fidelity offers two different deployment options for Fidelity AMP: a call-center/enterprise model, where all accounts are assigned to a home office representative, and an advisor model, which enables a firm’s advisors to open Fidelity AMP accounts with their individual branding. Both offer straight-through processing and deep levels of customized configurations.

“Digital advice strategies help advisors add value for a range of customer segments – whether it’s millennial family members of multi-generational clients who are looking for a digital option, or lower margin accounts that require the scale of a digital solution,“ said Gallagher. “Advisors are also using digital advice to help clients understand their full financial picture and consolidate assets, simplifying their end-experience.”

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