Fidelity Investments Introduces Digital Asset Analytics

Fidelity Investments Introduces Digital Asset Analytics

Fidelity Investments®announced SherlockSM, a digital assets data and analytics solution that helps institutional investors navigate digital assets by bringing together comprehensive data coverage and easy to use, intuitive analytics tools in one central location. Sherlock offers streamlined access to fundamental and technical data about development ecosystems, network activity, trading, social media activity, news and other research on digital assets from some of the leading institutional data providers, as well as unique analytics to help investors evaluate the market.

“It’s been exciting to see the tremendous growth in the digital assets data space over the past few years, and while the market is maturing rapidly, we’ve heard from institutional investors that there’s still a need for a comprehensive and accessible data solution,” said Kevin Vora, vice president, Product Management, Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT). “That’s what we’re introducing with Sherlock – robust and insightful datasets paired with highly intuitive tools to help clients make data-driven digital asset investment decisions.”

With Sherlock, institutional investors ranging from digital asset native investors to traditional asset managers can seamlessly access a wide set of data that provide fundamental and technical views of assets, including:

  • Development ecosystem data and in-depth analytics that deliver industry-leading visibility into the development of the technology underpinning digital assets, including ecosystem growth and activity
  • Blockchain data, including rich data and analytics on network activity and economics for digital assets
  • Market data, including in-depth order book, with derivatives data coming soon
  • Social media data to provide insights into sentiment around assets
  • News and research to provide industry updates and context

Through Sherlock’s intuitive user experience and tools, institutional investors can conduct in-depth asset analysis, discover insights and monitor market developments to help inform investment decisions. Users can also explore the data off-platform for modeling and back-testing.

“A major challenge when researching the crypto markets today is piecing together information from a myriad of resources,” said Kinjal Shah, senior associate, Blockchain Capital LLC. “Sherlock helps us research more efficiently by giving us access to holistic, timely data, which is crucial in this fast-paced market.”

“As a quantitative asset manager, we require rich data for making trading decisions, and Sherlock goes above and beyond in delivering that,” said Junaid Ghauri, CIO and co-founder, Pareto Technologies. “We’ve found the development data provided by Sherlock to be among the core differentiators from comparable platforms, and our team has successfully identified recurring alpha generation opportunities across altcoin markets by analyzing the developer dedication, developer activity and development network data that Sherlock offers.”

Sherlock was developed in FCAT, and FCAT is now expanding its limited release of the solution as it continues to develop and enhance the platform. FCAT also has a Blockchain Incubator team that conducts blockchain research and builds proofs of concepts around specific use cases for this technology.

“We’re constantly exploring how emerging technologies can help meet the changing needs of the industry and our customers, and blockchain is one of our focus areas because we believe this technology, and digital assets, will play an important role in the financial industry’s future,” said Adam Schouela, head of emerging technology, FCAT. “Sherlock helps institutional investors research digital assets more efficiently, and we continue to experiment with it and explore how technology can help simplify other aspects of investing in this space.”

Fidelity has been working for years to develop a blockchain ecosystem and has a heavy focus on research and development in this space. Fidelity Digital Assets provides institutional solutions for custody, trading and investments.

Source: Fidelity Investments

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