First Green Structured Product Listed On Nasdaq Helsinki

Nasdaq today announced that Natixis has listed an equity linked green note, the first green structured product listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. The instrument is distributed to Finnish private investors in collaboration with Alexandria.

The funds raised through the product will directly finance renewable energy projects aiming to ensure more environmentally friendly energy production. All funds will be invested in wind, solar, hydraulic and biomass projects that respect responsible management criteria. This partnership strengthens the commitments of Natixis and Alexandria in supporting the mitigation of climate change and affirms their intention to offer investors impactful and fully transparent responsible investment options.

“We are thrilled to have listed this first structured green bond on Nasdaq Helsinki”, said Hong My Nguyen, Green & sustainable investment solutions specialist Natixis CIB. “We are fully committed to supporting our Nordic partners in the development of green and innovative offers. Sustainability is a key part of Natixis’ strategy, as our initial strong franchise in renewable energy financing has been extended and developed over the years to a much broader sustainable solutions spectrum: from financing solutions to climate-related and ESG investment solutions.”

“We’re proud to be listing the first green structured product on Nasdaq Helsinki in partnership with Natixis,” comments Ville Hellens, CEO of Alexandria Markets Oy. “We see the demand for green investments growing exponentially in Finland and plan to offer green structured products on a regular basis. Green structured products offer the chance to finance environmental projects without sacrificing returns – they can provide the same return potential as conventional structured products from the same issuer. So why not go green?”

Nasdaq´s markets for Structured Products in Europe has today more than 3,300 listed instrument from 26 issuers, mainly at Stockholm.

“Nasdaq continues its close companionship with one of the most prominent issuers of green investment products in Europe,” said Henrik Husman, President of Nasdaq Helsinki. “With the help of issuers such as Natixis and supported by partners like Alexandria, we have in recent years seen Nasdaq develop into a European hub for green and sustainable investments.”

Source: Nasdaq

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