First Intake Of Sell Side Firms Join RSRCHXchange


RSRCHXchange, the research marketplace and aggregator, today announced the launch of its Partner Provider Programme including the first intake of sell side firms. Over the past few months, RSRCHXchange has witnessed a growing demand for a research marketplace from banks, brokers and independent research providers. The new Partner Provider Programme represents those firms who opt into the RSRCHX marketplace to sell their research services, including subscriptions, individual reports or time with analysts.

The launch of the Partner Provider Programme is a result of a substantial uptake in the number of providers transitioning to a commercial relationship on RSRCHX. Today more than 325 firms offer their research services for sale on RSRCHX. The Programme includes greater transparency for Partner firms and additional marketing efforts and communication for those providers selling on RSRCHX.

Hester White, head of Client Strategy, Peel Hunt, commented, “The RSRCHX platform has been incredibly useful for Peel Hunt as we continue to grow our institutional research relationships in Europe, North America and Asia. It allows us to advertise our research capabilities to new customers and to engage with them to finalise the commercial relationship. We find the RSRCHX website and technology very user friendly.”

RSRCHXchange is delighted to announce the firms joining the first Partner Provider Programme intake including ABN AMRO, Avior Capital, CFRA, Liberum, ING, Moody’s, Morningstar UK Limited, Numis, Pareto, Peel Hunt and Stifel.

RSRCHXchange are looking forward to working with all partners and continuing to strengthen their commercial relationship.

Vicky Sanders, Co-Founder, RSRCHXchange, commented: “Research Unbundling has created a new set of challenges for banks, brokers and independent research firms. We have worked closely with these firms during the transition to a paid-for research market. Our RSRCHX marketplace offers a venue to grow revenues and improve returns for research providers while still retaining the control their businesses require.”

Jeremy Davies, Co-Founder, RSRCHXchange, added: “I’m personally delighted with the uptake in interest from leading banks, brokers & independent research firms on our RSRCHX platform. The client demand for buying subscriptions, individual reports and time with analysts, and managing those via our platform continues to grow and these firms are helping to meet that need.”

Source: RSRCHXchange


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