FIX Donates Food To COOK-19 Charity

The 12th annual EMEA Trading Conference, originally scheduled for the 12th March at Old Billingsgate in London was postponed until Friday 18th September 2020, due to the unforeseen and exceptional circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

The decision to postpone the annual conference was difficult, but the decision to donate the associated catering was not. The FIX Trading Community recognises the significant upheaval associated with COVID-19 and how, as every day passes, it is vital to both protect the welfare of individuals and bring the community closer together.

The FIX Trading Community is delighted to be able to participate in the project COOK-19. The donation of the unused food will help this volunteer-led project to support the NHS staff, who are each day risking their health to work around the clock protecting their communities.

Source: FIX

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