genesis Launches Real-Time Portfolio Margin


genesis, the international capital markets software firm has worked with Linear Investments, a specialist prime broker and an award winning hedge fund incubator, to launch Real-time Portfolio Margin (RPM), a new scalable solution for cash & margin management in real-time.

RPM delivers interoperable technology, with the flexibility to meet the varying requirements of Linear Investment’s clients. Designed for prime brokers who need to be able to better assess the risk of clients and prospects whilst managing their holistic relationships with their own brokers.

It comes in response to Linear not being able to find an off-the-shelf solution to meet their needs for asset coverage, flexibility, real-time calculations and time to market at a cost point that made sense.

RPM has been built upon genesis’ microservices technology framework that enables fast and agile software development, which has been fine tuned over the last four years.

From inception to delivery, the project was completed in months, highlighting the power of the framework to accelerate solution delivery.

Stephen Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of genesis, said: “Collaboration and innovation are fundamental to genesis and we are very excited to work with a visionary firm like Linear Investments to build a product for the prime broker industry. By building RPM on our framework we have been able to take a set of requirements and build a full blown margin solution in under three months. RPM is interoperable with multiple tech providers and will give users the flexibility to assess and meet the margin requirements of new prospects and grow their business.”

Paul Kelly, CEO of Linear Investments, said: We are delighted to collaborate with genesis to deliver RPM. The reason we chose to work with genesis is their open-minded approach. They listened to us, understood the real business challenge, learned from our experiences and applied that to the solution. RPM is a pivotal addition to our technology suite. It means that we can now onboard a range of clients, from futures trading firms to fixed income businesses, and are not restricted by asset or product. We can feel comfortable with the risk of the potential client and in turn manage their margin and maximise performance, this is the key to how we scale.”

Source: genesis

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