Glue42, Velox Bring Ease of E-Commerce to Trading Desks  

Glue42 and Velox Bring the Ease of E-Commerce Platforms to the Trading Desk  

The partnership’s first business solution‘G42 Fidessa/VeloxAppliance’ (Consolidated Order Manager)  automates front to back OMS connectivity and centralizes order execution for increased business and client coverage. 


New York, NY, March 25, 2021 − Glue42, the company that delivers integrated desktop experiences to financial institutions globally, and Velox, the only data-centric, low-code application platform built for the front-office, today launched the ‘G42 Fidessa/Velox Appliance’. The joint business solution enables and automates the integration process that helps traders with multiple instances of Fidessa gain an actionable, holistic view of their order book for faster market and client responses. The new Appliance can be implemented in a matter of days and is already live at an investment bank headquartered out of London and Frankfurt with offices across Europe.


The G42 Fidessa/Velox Appliance has been made available in the Glue42 Appliance Store, a collection of pre-packaged business components that support the rapid integration of two or more applications. Appliances are a business-led approach to digital transformation and resolve commonly occurring trading workflow problems. They deliver a level of automation and optimization not previously available to the business without significant involvement from IT.


The launch of the new Appliance ties in with the demand from financial institutions for solutions that augment existing investments and solve one business problem at a time with the shortest path to immediate value so firms can remain competitive. 


In this instance, Velox brings together different data feeds from the back end and consolidates the data into an actionable, browser-based order blotter and then leverages Glue42 to pass actions to other applications on the desktop.


As a result, traders no longer have to constantly switch between various Fidessa instances, which increases their productivity by as much a 25 percent, and reduces operational errors and exposure. More so, the Velox data-centric, low-code approach means firms can now innovate up to 10 times faster by adding new functionality to further automate and simplify the trader workflow.

“Traders’ desktops have been under-performing for too long,” said James Wooster, COO, Glue42. “It’s time we put control back into the hands of the business. By enabling two or more applications to behave as one, we are simplifying the user journey without the hassle of big IT projects or reliance on over stretched in-house IT teams. We’re combining enterprise-class software with the ease of use of e-commerce platforms. We think it is part of one of the final frontiers in capital markets: the quest to simplify and improve the traders’ desktop.”

A European investment bank that operates through a number of brands, subsidiaries, and broker-dealers, implemented the G42 Fidessa/Velox Appliance as part of its commitment to consistently deliver innovative financial solutions through a common infrastructure. Its aim was to forge a new trading system paradigm that combines the robustness, resilience, and connectivity of Fidessa with the kind of integration and user experience that its users enjoy in their everyday lives.

As a result of the G42 Fidessa/Velox Appliance, the bank’s traders now enjoy a unified and simplified experience where multiple systems work with each other seamlessly and can access the information they need with a single mouse click. This includes a desktop where the windows and workspaces displayed are only those that are required, and where notifications are managed and centralized. Any new applications and processes will automatically be integrated.

“M&A activity will constantly create the need for systems aggregation and integration,” said Jon Butler, CEO, Velox. “Traditionally, this has created a massive headache for front office staff that need to operate across all systems. Our technology makes this problem go away by allowing new trade flows, data and businesses to be seamlessly integrated into the existing workflow.”

To learn more about how financial organizations can use low-code and desktop interoperability to modernize their trading platform, join Glue42 and Velox for a webinar today, Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 11:00 am EDT.




About Glue42  

Glue42 enables organizations to build intelligent desktops that support configurable workflows between web and desktop applications. Its integration platform seamlessly and securely orchestrates UI and data and leverages open-source initiatives such as FINOS FDC3 to reduce application delivery times and accelerate time to value. The company is based in London, New York and Bulgaria. With over 24,000 licenses, its software is deployed at tier one financial institutions across the world. https://glue42.com/why-glue42/


About Velox
Velox is the only low code application platform for front-office. Our purpose built data-centric low-code aims to make building front-office systems 10x faster

By offering the ability to buy commodity capabilities, blend with the best of your existing systems and build to differentiate and react, we can deliver quicker that an off-the-shelf product and innovate faster than a home-grown build. https://www.veloxfintech.com/

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