Goldman Sachs Is Top Flow Equity Derivatives Broker In North America


Greenwich.com – Stamford, CT – Goldman Sachs is the top broker of Flow Equity Derivatives in North America in terms of both market penetration and the quality of service delivered to institutional clients. In Europe, J.P. Morgan boasts the biggest footprint in both equity futures and options & volatility products, while Deutsche Bank and Société Générale lead in equity swaps brokerage.

These firms top the list of Greenwich Associates 2016 Share and Quality Leaders. As part of its annual research, Greenwich Associates interviewed 286 flow equity derivatives users across the two regions this year, including asset managers, hedge funds, insurers, pensions, and banks. Respondents were asked to name the top brokers they use for specific delta one and options/volatility products and to rate the firms according to a series of qualitative factors in each product. Brokers with the largest market penetration or quality scores topping those of rivals by a statistically significant margin were named Greenwich Leaders.


“When choosing the brokers that will help them execute their trades, institutional investors consider a range of factors that starts with price, but also includes brokers’ willingness to commit capital to trades, creditworthiness, client service, and other criteria,” says Greenwich Associates Managing Director Jay Bennett. “Greenwich Share and Quality Leaders deliver strong offerings across most, if not all, of these areas.”


Equity Options & Volatility Products

  • The No. 1 2016 Greenwich Share Leader in North American Equity Options & Volatility Products market penetration is Goldman Sachs and in Europe it’s J.P. Morgan.


  • The 2016 Greenwich Quality Leaders for Coverage in these products in North America are Citi, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs.   Morgan Stanley and Société Générale share the title of 2016 Greenwich Quality Leader in Europe.


Equity Swaps

  • In North America, Goldman is the top-ranked 2016 Greenwich Share Leader in market penetration and in Europe, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs tie for first place in relative importance.


  • The 2016 Greenwich Quality Leaders in North American Equity Swaps Coverage are Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. For European Equity Swaps Coverage the 2016 winners are BNP Paribas, J.P. Morgan, and Société Générale.


Equity Futures

  • Goldman Sachs tops the list of 2016 Greenwich Share Leaders in Equity Futures market penetration in North America and in Europe, J.P. Morgan leads the pack.




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