Grab Your Club While It’s Still Freezing Out!


The newest private club in NYC caters to all your golf necessities, some you didn’t even know you needed.

While you’re sitting in your office watching the snowflakes drift past your window, longing for summer, you become more and more envious of your friend living down in Florida. You know, the one who takes a trip to the golf course on his lunch break. You’re desperate for a vacation to a warm place, where you can grab your clubs and swing everyday. It’s not so easy to play golf when it’s snowing out, or is it? Golf & Body NYC is here to change that.

The first private club of it’s kind, Golf & Body is a place where golf lovers can go and practice their swing any time of the year. With the perfect environment to play golf, socialize, train and stay fit, NYC golfers of all levels can finally be the ones with pals down south that are envious of them. Where else can you enjoy a cocktail from a full bar while on the putting green, be fitted for new clubs, or have your clubs shipped to your vacation destination for you, all in one place?

Golf & Body offers a full gym with experienced trainers (many of which train PGA Golfers). With a chiropractor and massage therapist on staff, any pulled muscles can be mended or stress can be dissolved all in one place. “We want our members to understand that golf isn’t just about the swing” explains General Manager Jeannine Harrington. “Being fit and preparing your body is essential in playing your best.”

The gym has state-of-the-art equipment specially designed for improving your game. Darrell Kestner–member of PGA Tour in 1981 and 1983, and ranked Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Instructors and Golf Digest’s Top 50 Instructors–is the Director of Golf, leading the expert team of golf instructors. Director of Fitness Ben Shear–Head of Strength and Conditioning and Biomechanics expert for the PGA, PGA trainer, and Principal of the Ben Shear Golf Facility– has created a training system for Golf & Body members. His methods have been proven to strengthen overall health and golf performance. Head Golf Professional and Director of Golf Services Ron McDougal and instructor Eden Foster have both been honored by Golf Digest in its November Issue.

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The experienced trainers at Golf & Body will evaluate you and come up with a personalized fitness plan to help improve your performance. Top amateur George Zahringer received a personalized plan from Golf & Body to help with the sequencing of his lower body on his downswing. After two weeks of his fitness routine, he noticed immediate improvement, and went off to win the British Senior Amateur. “Golf & Body is probably the closest thing we’ve got in the United States that approached the capability of an olympic training center for Golf,” Zahringer says.

The lounge area holds a full bar, with spirits, brews, and other refreshments as well as a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. In a cozy atmosphere, you can eat, drink and schmooze, all while practicing your swing on the High Definition Golf™ simulators. The screen gives you the option of 26 different courses to play. If you’re traveling to Pebble Beach and want to practice ahead of time, simply search for the course. Just as you normally would hit a golf ball into the hole on an outdoor course, you place the ball on the tee, and swing. The ball shoots into the screen, where motion detectors on the ball will calculate the exact spot your ball would end up on the real course. The screen will show you your stats, then you can take another swing.

The masterminds behind Golf & Body know that many business deals are made on the course. That’s why they’ve designed their private club to encompass golfing with lounging. The simulators are set up in a row, with couches placed behind the green, and the ability for members to close the curtains around their area for added privacy. If you prefer to be more secluded, head over to the upstairs Executive Suite, holding all of the same equipment behind closed doors.

Golf & Body offers a few different membership packages: Junior Membership, Individual Membership, Junior Family Membership, Family Membership, Corporate Membership, Fall/Winter Trial Membership, and Non-resident Membership. For more information, check out their website.

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