GreenKey Donates to FINOS Voice Program


The Fintech Open Source Foundation(FINOS), a nonprofit foundation promoting open innovation in financial services, in coordination with GreenKey Technologies, a leader in real-time voice technology, today announced the contribution of the GreenKey SDK to the FINOS Voice Program.

Advancements in voice technology present a real opportunity to improve and build upon modern fintech applications, but have traditionally come with significant increases in investments of time, labor, and capital that are required to build and maintain these increasingly sophisticated tools.

Today’s addition of GreenKey’s open source SDK is another key building block that furthers the current work already underway in the FINOS Voice Program to define open voice standards for the development community. The contribution embodies the collaborative spirit between developers and the finserv community to make this new voice SDK easily accessible to an open ecosystem of development teams.

Tom Schady, GreenKey Chief Technology Officer, said: “All of GreenKey is moving towards open source – this first release is but one of many. We’re excited to bring voice communication, backed by our innovative real-time financial transcription engine, into any JavaScript application with the SDK. Our GreenKey backend does the heavy lifting in telephony and speech AI while our SDK lets you focus on your business and users. We’re also looking forward to contributing our voice interface and financial voice skills to the FINOS Voice Program.”

“We are proud to facilitate the connection between open source developers and the financial services community for the benefit of the entire financial ecosystem,” said Gabriele Columbro, FINOS’ Executive Director. “This contribution to the FINOS Voice Program is a perfect example of industry-wide collaboration to build a truly open ecosystem based on common standards across end users and even competitive technology providers.”

Leo Papadopoulos, Program Management Committee Lead for the Voice Program and CTO of Cloud9 Technologies commented, “It’s gratifying to see new contributions from other leading firms like GreenKey to FINOS’ Voice Program. We look forward to working alongside other vanguards in this space to provide creative and effective solutions within financial services voice technology.”

GreenKey’s SDK is a JavaScript toolkit that connects third-party applications to their backend technology and includes components for popular front-end frameworks to speed community development. Interested parties may request a developer API key by emailing sdk@greenkeytech.com.

Source code for GreenKey’s SDK is available here. Developer contributions to this project are encouraged; interested contributions can find out more on how to participate and contribute to this project and others like it within the FINOS Voice Program here.

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