Harvest Provides Digital Access to the New York Society of Security Analysts’ Annual Benjamin Graham Conference


HOUSTON—Harvest Exchange, a software platform that builds public and private digital communities across the financial services sector, today announced that its Harvest Private software is powering exclusive digital access to NYSSA’s annual Benjamin Graham Conference, which took place Wednesday, June 29, 2016 in New York. 

NYSSA’s annual conference honored the legacy of Benjamin Graham, the organization’s founder, with this year’s theme: “Margin of Safety and Risk Management.” The focus was on research processes and portfolio management in volatile markets. Portfolio managers representing more than $80 billion spoke at the event including John Bader, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Halcyon Capital Management, LLC, who delivered a keynote address. Jim Grant, Founder and Publisher of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer also delivered one of the keynotes.

In an effort to expand the value of their organization to its New York City area member base, and to value investors beyond, NYSSA is leveraging Harvest Private software to provide digital access to select conferences through a new NYSSA Events Digital Access network. The secure network is free for in-person conference attendees including those who purchased the live webcast through the NYSSA website.  Additionally, those who were not able to attend can now gain digital access to the applicable panel sessions and keynote speakers. The NYSSA network powered by Harvest Private offers NYSSA the ability to fully customize its platform to allow for optional networking and engagement benefits while prioritizing compliance, security and privacy settings.

“Organizations are looking to maximize the value that their events offer. Harvest has been fortunate to help blue-chip organizations like NYSSA provide a revolutionary enhancement to members while also generating additional revenue through access to a global audience,” said Peter Hans, CEO and Co-Founder of Harvest Exchange.

“Partnering with Harvest allows us to explore a new digital platform where we can reach a highly targeted audience for weeks after our event,” said Harumi Urata-Thompson, Chief Operating Officer of NYSSA. “This underscores our commitment to providing continuing insights to the security analysts industry and allows us to respond to heightened demand for digital, multimedia content.”

Using the NYSSA Events Digital Access network is invite-only, but also available for a limited time to for a discounted rate of $95.00. Interested users can join by visiting the network’s registration page.  More information can be found at http://info.hvst.com/NYSSA.

About Harvest
Harvest platforms are actively used by over 10,000 investment organizations worldwide and more than 300,000 individual users. Harvest Exchange is a public community where investment organizations publish branded investment expertise to a large and relevant audience. Harvest Private offers investment organizations the opportunity to create their own branded, secure, invite-only community as a means of strengthening engagement with their most important relationships. Further details regarding the security and compliance protocols on HVST.com are available here.

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