A hot shave, a beer, and a round of pool: John Allan’s does men’s grooming right


Let’s face it: as a professional (and as a grown-up), being well-groomed is imperative. And while we’re all mostly decent at it, sometimes, a more professional touch is needed. For most guys, however, a trip to the salon can be a daunting–and maybe even emasculating–process, with words like “mani-pedi”, “waxing”, and “facial” leading the way.

At John Allan’s salons and spas, however, steps are taken to ensure a dude-friendly experience: it’s men-only, thus avoiding any potential embarrassments (like running into that lucky lady on the evening of your date, for instance). The staff consists largely of women (attractive ones, at that) who know their way around shears and shaving blades, while service menu covers clients from head to toe with haircuts, hair coloring, beard trims, manicures, pedicures, shoe shines, facials, facial massages, and full-body massages. One particular offering, called the Full Service, includes a scalp-massaging shampoo and conditioner, a hot towel shave, a haircut, manicure, shoeshine, and beverages from the spa’s club bar.

While clients may choose to pay on a per-service basis (ranging anywhere from $65-$90), a year’s full membership can be had, too–in about 10 or 11 visits, you’ll more than make up for the cost of membership. Visits are by appointment only, and expect this place to be popular, though Manhattanites need not worry: four locations are in New York alone (Downtown, Midtown, Tribeca, and at Saks Fifth Avenue). Chicago and Toronto have their own John Allan’s too–there seems to be a market for men’s men who prefer to tone down the grooming experience with a beer and a round of pool.

For more information specific to each particular John Allan’s location, visit John Allan’s website.

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