ICE Introduces Ultra-Low Latency Wireless Services in Europe

Intercontinental Exchange, a leading global provider of data, technology and market infrastructure, announced the launch of its ultra-low latency wireless market data offering in the London metro area and Frankfurt by ICE Global Network (IGN).

Connectivity, speed and reliability are essential for market participants. IGN provides customers with an abundance of data and connectivity to more than 150 capital market venues and 750 native market feeds. The addition of wireless market data services in Europe will offer customers a new choice of provider and expand market data options for all customers. With competitive latencies connecting customers quickly and efficiently to select global markets, this offering also appeals to firms seeking diversity from private networks.

IGN will leverage existing wireless infrastructure in Europe to help customers meet the increasing demands they face to make decisions in fractions of seconds. The wireless market data offering will allow clients to access both cash and derivatives packages in the London triangle from ICE Futures, Euronext, CBOE Europe and LSE, as well as Eurex and Xetra from Frankfurt. The use of this reliable wireless network will allow customers to leverage the benefits of a highly optimized wireless service to help enhance their trading performance.

“Our customers in Europe are looking for competitive latency and pricing, network stability and access to global markets,” said Lynn Martin, President of Fixed Income and Data Services at ICE. “This solution for London and Frankfurt allows customers active in European markets to access some of the world’s most important trading venues through this offering.”

These wireless services are expected to go live in the second half of 2021.

Source: ICE

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