Indus Valley Partners Enhances its Enterprise Data Management Platform


Indus Valley Partners (IVP), a leading provider of technology solutions for alternative asset managers, announced today that it has enhanced its own Enterprise Data Management platform to transform the way data is managed, memorialized and maintained for global asset managers.

IVP EDM incorporates state-of-the-art data mart technology and provides an enterprise data layer that comes with pre-built connectors to every major broker, trading counterparty and market data vendor. With support for asset management-specific workflows and full transparency into data lineage, by implementing IVP EDM clients can achieve best practice in data governance without undertaking a major overhaul of their legacy technology.

Every asset management firm is a complex mix of automated, semi-automated and manual processes. IVP EDM provides the vital data ‘backbone’ to provide accurate, consistent and timely data across client systems, processes and reporting. For example IVP EDM has the ability to maintain an accurate IBOR (Investment Book of Record) to support business-specific data integrity or can be used to support strategic data management initiatives such as MiFID II regulatory compliance.

As funds also look to strategic cost reduction exercises involving outsourcing middle and back office functions, IVP EDM can ensure that all data flows to and from counterparties are consistent with a golden copy of data held and maintained by the client.

“IVP EDM can be implemented on both a stand-alone basis or as part of a wider managed services offering. The asset management specific nature of our EDM solution, built upon a state-of-the-art technology stack, enables asset managers to achieve their strategic data management goals. Combined with the option of Managed Services there is a compelling total cost of ownership case for IVP EDM.” said Gurvinder Singh, CEO and co-founder of Indus Valley Partners

For more information on IVP EDM please visit: https://www.ivp.in/portfolio/ivp-edm/


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