Integral Announces Enhancements to Open Currency Exchange

OCX now brings ultra-low latency matching, integration and algos to buy-side.

Integral (www.integral.com), the technology partner trusted by leading banks, brokers and asset managers to help them outperform their ompetition in the foreign exchange market, announced major enhancements to its Open Currency Exchange™ (OCX™).

The new features of OCX make it the most modern FX OTC exchange, bringing the most diverse pool of FX market participants into a single integrated network of liquidity. New features include ultra-low latency hardware upgrades providing 80 microsecond roundtrip acknowledgement time, seamless integration with Integral’s BankFX, MarginFX, and InvestorFX offerings, and the addition of advanced algorithmic trading technologies integrated into the exchange. These enhancements are delivered through the all-new OCX.

Trader application and FIX API that allows unified access to liquidity, passive order placement, and algorithmic trading in a single user interface.

Integral OCX is now directly cross connected with more than 250 liquidity sources supplying more than 2,800 market making streams in NY4, LD4, and TY3 covering every major bank, non-bank, and central limit order book. In addition, many of Integral’s BankFX and MarginFX customers make markets in their local currencies through the OCX network. Banks and brokers are now able to provide market leading liquidity under their own unique brand directly to their customers wherever and whenever they trade.

Harpal Sandhu, CEO of Integral, said, “The modern exchange needs to maintain the performance of a central limit order book while preserving the flexibility and diversity of OTC markets.” He added, “Clients using Integral’s OCX private matching engine actively trade 208 currency pairs including EM, metals, energy and indices, in New York, London, and Tokyo all with near zero latency — that is how they achieve best execution.”

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