Interactive Brokers Offers Carbon Offsets in Europe and Asia


Interactive Brokers, an automated global electronic broker, launched Carbon Offsets to clients in Western Europe, Hong Kong, and Singapore. This new feature is available through IMPACT, Interactive Brokers’ mobile trading app for sustainable investing.

Air travel and other daily activities produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Building on the simplicity of IMPACT, investors can now use the Carbon Offsets tool to select from common greenhouse-gas emitting activities or enter a specific amount of carbon to offset. Interactive Brokers seamlessly sources and retires the Carbon Credits at the appropriate agencies enabling investors to fully or partially reduce their carbon footprints.

“Sustainability and environmental consciousness are not isolated aspects, they speak to a collective culture. A culture that is aware of the interconnected nature of our global community. As a result, we continue to develop products that are in service to this collective culture,” said Will Peterffy, ESG Director at Interactive Brokers. “Carbon Offsets makes it easy for our clients to participate in the emerging collective culture dedicated to stewarding our planet while investing in companies that further align with their values through the IMPACT app.”

Interactive Brokers collaborated with Sustain.Life to provide emissions data for each carbon emitting activity available in the app. Sustain.Life’s SaaS platform helps companies across industries reduce their environmental impact by providing ESG tools that enable the measurement and management of their carbon emissions. The Carbon Offsets tool is available in the IMPACT app for clients of IB IE, IB UK, IB HK and IB SG.

Source: Interactive Brokers

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