Interview with Rob Green, Co-Founder of Wall Hop


By Stephanie Oh, Markets Media Life Correspondent

Wall Hop is an online art gallery founded by Rob Green, Jason Salzman, and Alan Lok in January 2014. It curates exceptional artwork from emerging and established artists and allows its fans to purchase art online. Wall Hop gives the opportunity for both the artists and art enthusiasts to seek deeper understanding in art, introduces the creative process by interviewing different artistic souls, and networks across the globe.

Markets Media talked to Rob Green, Co-Founder of Wall Hop about the story behind this virtual space that allows artists and art lovers to appreciate a colorful splash of artwork.

Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman

Markets Media Life (MML): How long Wall Hop has been around?

Rob Green (RG): Wall Hop started in January 2014. Our business began by exhibiting pop-art galleries in venues all over Toronto. During that time, we built up our reputation with local artists and international collectors. In January 2015, our website launched after receiving feedback from our artists and collectors that they wanted to have a place where they could easily discover and purchase the artwork that we represent. Currently, we’re transitioning to be 100% online e-commerce as our sales have increased and our brand awareness is really taking off, our website has really become a great service for artists and collectors.

MML: Where does the name Wall Hop come from?

RG: The name Wall Hop came from the idea that we want to encourage excitement surrounding original artwork. Part of our mission is to facilitate the movement of artwork from an artist’s studio to the public eye, and then to the home of a collector. Our name represents this movement.

MML: What inspired the founders to establish the company?

RG: Jason Salzman and I started the company because we were art collectors who saw an opportunity to really help artists and collectors. The traditional art market leaves a lot to be desired for both sides. For artists, finding the right representation is increasingly difficult with gallery space being limited. For art collectors and the general public, going in to a traditional gallery can be an intimidating experience. So Wall Hop reaches out to artists through its interviews, video content, and really shows collectors why each piece is special.

The Maldives by Zaria Forman

The Maldives by Zaria Forman

MML: What kind of art does Wall Hop feature?

RG: Our artists produce a large spectrum of artworks, from abstract, figurative to landscapes. Our focus is on two-dimentional works and we purposefully showcase a variety of styles, sizes, and price-ranges to cater to our diverse group of collectors and fans.

MML: Who ar the most recent and impressive artists you’ve contacted recently?

RG: Such a tough question, because each artist is impressive in their own right. We recently did an interview with Zaria Forman and Alex Garant who are both incredible artists – we have some fantastic interviews lined up, and some incredible new artists coming on board that we’re really excited about.

Kaleidoscope Jenna by Alex Garant

Kaleidoscope Jenna by Alex Garant

MML: How big is your current team? What kind of departments are in the company?

RG: Wall Hop is currently, and will always run lean. I started Wall Hop with Jason Salzman and Alan Lok came on board shortly after to help with our digital strategies. We have 3 staff that look after artist content, digital content, editorial, and photography. Beyond that, we have a panel of art advisors, who are industry insiders that provide us leads on the world’s emerging artistic talents.

MML: How is the working environment?

RG: The office located at 545 King St West is great, bright, friendly, and booming with talented entrepreneurs. It’s great to see our artists’ work hanging all over the space too! We all believe in what we’re doing, and are ultimately here to serve artists and collectors which makes it easy to get up in the morning and come in motivated!

Interference by Alex Garant

Interference by Alex Garant

MML: As a founder of Wall Hop, what do you believe to be the end goal of the company? 

RG: Our goal has always been to provide the best service for art collectors and artists. We see the art market changing, people are increasingly turning to the Internet to buy and sell artwork – and we are working to be the best channel for them to do that, through excellent customer service, top-tier artwork, and exclusive cultural content.

MML: Do you think you have achieved it?

RG: We’re on the right track – but there’s certainly a lot of runway left. I think there will always be work for us to do to help drive forward the global arts community.

All images courtesy of WallHop

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