Interxion Launches LON3

Interxion launched its third London data center at an event in the city earlier this week, Capacity Media reported.

LON3 is situated between London’s Square Mile and Tech City, representing a diverse location away from the financial center of Canary Wharf, Capacity Media reported. The new facility adds 1,800 square meters of data center space to Interxion’s portfolio. The site also hosts Interxion’s LON1 and LON2.

Customers who take space in LON3 can choose from 90 connectivity providers, eight content delivery networks, and interconnection with over 350 businesses co-located on the campus, Capacity Media reported.

The Interxion campus is already host to LINX and LONAP, and includes private network access to the likes of Azure, Amazon Web Services, and CityCloud via Cloud Connect.

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