INX Facilitates Digital Security Token Offering for Trucpal

INX Facilitates Digital Security Token Offering for Trucpal

The INX Digital Company, Inc., the owner of blockchain-based trading platforms for digital securities and cryptocurrencies, announced that its subsidiary, INX Securities, LLC, will support  HGC (BVI) Info Tech Co. Ltd.(“HGC”), the owner of Trucpal, a blockchain-based SaaS platform serving the Chinese freight market, in its upcoming Trucpal digital security token offering. The offering will be available for potential US accredited investors as well as non-US investors starting July 25th.

INX Securities, LLC offers new opportunities for raising capital, under its broker dealer license through the issuance of digital securities using the INX Platform and the opportunity to list that same security on its Alternative Trading System (“ATS”) after holding periods and other regulatory requirements are satisfied. Following months of rigorous preparations and technology development, INX Securities, LLC will enable the offer of the Trucpal Digital Security Token through the INX Platform.

Shy Datika, Founder & CEO of INX: “The INX Digital Security Tokens were bought by individual and institutional investors in 75 countries, raising $85MM. We are now happy to assist other companies in maximizing their raise potential, and among these, we are thrilled to bring HGC’s Trucpal capital raise to the market. Their decision to raise capital with INX under U.S. securities laws is a pioneering step. We are delighted to offer our global traders an opportunity to participate in this rapidly growing company and industry.”

Wendong Zhang, Founder of HGC: “We are excited to collaborate with INX, the world’s first SEC-registered IPO of blockchain security. HGC envisions the rapid development of blockchain technology and views the token economy as the new paradigm in business development. Innovation aside, we also recognize the importance of remaining compliant while democratizing the industry. With this goal, HGC is offering the Trucpal Digital Security Token to the Trucpal ecosystem. The token can be widely used in different transactions within the trucking ecosystem in compliance with regulatory standards. We are seeking to motivate and sustain a loyal and thriving community and promote ecosystem sustainability.”

Source: INX

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