IPC and Post-Quantum Collaborate to Offer Next-Generation Security Solutions

ipc.com – NEW YORK – IPC, a leading global provider of secure, compliant communications and networking solutions for the financial markets community, today announced its collaboration with Post-Quantum, a U.K.-based cyber-security firm, to integrate biometric, encryption and blockchain technologies as a service via IPC’s Connexus Cloud ecosystem.

IPC is working with Post-Quantum to enable user authentication, non-repudiation and fraud deterrence technologies into IPC solutions delivered over Connexus Cloud.  The offering enables users of IPC’s Connexus Cloud ecosystem to utilize Post-Quantum’s modular product suite, consisting of biometric authentication, encrypted messaging and a blockchain enabler to counter increasingly sophisticated security threats. Post-Quantum specializes in developing defense-grade solutions that protect global banks and enterprises’ data against sophisticated cyberattacks. Post-Quantum’s technology is designed to counter the frequent man-in-the-middle, insider and advanced cyber threats currently experienced by the finance, healthcare and government sectors.

“We are excited to be partnering with Post-Quantum, an innovator in advanced biometric, encryption and blockchain technologies,” said Tim Carmody, IPC’s Vice President of Product and Engineering of the Financial Market Network, “Post-Quantum offering these technologies as a service in the IPC ecosystem not only streamlines the ability to integrate biometric, advanced encryption and blockchain technologies into IPC’s solutions, but also makes them available for any providers or customers on IPC’s Connexus Cloud, in a manner designed to be compliant and efficient while mitigating risk.”

IPC’s Connexus Cloud is the world’s largest secure, private financial markets network with 200,000 users across 6,000 market participant locations in 700 cities. It is an intuitive, robust and all-encompassing cloud delivery model that offers an enhanced lineup of IPC products, including communications-as-a-service and information governance for compliance solutions, through an on-demand and anywhere user interaction model.

The Connexus Cloud Partner program will offer innovative applications to the financial markets community, allowing members to interact securely, exchange information and mitigate risk. IPC plans to announce a number of additional Connexus Cloud offerings in 2016.

“Our goal is to protect the data and communications systems of global investment banks and other financial institutions against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, so we are proud to be working with a partner of IPC’s caliber,” said Andersen Cheng, CEO of Post-Quantum. “Working with IPC enables us to bring our defense-grade security systems to a greater number of users, enabling them to incorporate advanced security techniques easily and quickly to protect their critical infrastructure and highly sensitive data and to increase the overall level of security in the world’s financial services sector.”

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