Iseult Conlin Leaves BlackRock for Tradeweb


Iseult Conlin, an investment grade bond trader at BlackRock, has left the world’s largest asset manager to join electronic trading-platform operator Tradeweb, Bloomberg reported, citing people with knowledge of the matter.

Iseult Conlin

Conlin, 31, was involved with getting BlackRock trading more electronically in her eight years at the firm, Bloomberg reported.

The hire would be a coup for Tradeweb, as Conlin had ascended to a senior role at BlackRock at a young age and often represented the largest buy-side firm at industry conferences. Earlier this month, she spoke on a panel about the future of trading at the WBR Fixed Income Leaders Summit in Boston.

Tradeweb spokesperson Kate Hodge declined to comment on the report of Conlin’s hire. As of Tuesday morning, Conlin’s LinkedIn profile was generically headlined “Fixed Income” and referenced a June 2018 end date at BlackRock.

Conlin won Top Fixed Income Trader at Markets Media’s 2017 Women in Finance Awards.

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