ITG Rolls Out New Triton Features

ITG, a leading independent broker and financial technology provider, today announced new enhancements to its award-winning Triton execution management system (EMS) to help institutional investors meet best execution requirements, improve operational efficiency and comply with the upcoming MiFID II regulations.

Triton is a multi-asset, broker-neutral EMS platform offering pre-trade and real-time decision support analytics and advanced workflow automation. It supports multiple trading strategies, including portfolio, pairs, single-stock, IOI and RFQ functionality.

The new Triton release offers the following enhancements:

Integrated Pre-Trade Analytics – decision-support analytics on an entire list or any sub-set of trade entries.

Advanced Best Ex and Workflow Tools – seamless integration with Dark Allocator and auto-routing rules engine. Integration with ITG Algo Wheel, which offers systematic, quantitative assessments of hundreds of broker algorithms and allocates orders based on performance.

MiFID II Compliance – robust data capture for post-trade reporting and market surveillance monitoring. Updated web-based tools and audit trail for ETF trading.

Enhanced Configurability – custom columns and formulas enabled, set limit functionality to reduce order and pricing risk. New deployment manager for quick releases of updated broker strategies and algo suites.

“In the run-up to MiFID II we’ve partnered with our clients to help them ensure compliance,” said Brian Pomraning, global head of product management at ITG. “These enhancements to Triton demonstrate our continued commitment to delivering innovative technology to better serve our clients’ goals of improving efficiency, boosting investing performance and adapting to the global regulatory environment.”

Source: ITG

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