Jefferies Holds ‘Doing Good’ Global Trading Day

Jefferies Holds ‘Doing Good’ Global Trading Day

Jefferies Calls on Wall Street and Investors Around the World to Stand Together for Freedom and Support the People of Ukraine As They Face the Gravest of Threats

Jefferies announced that it will hold a Doing Good Global Trading Day on Wednesday, March 2, 2022 to support accredited charities focused on providing humanitarian aid to the People of Ukraine.

Specifically, Jefferies will donate 100% of net global trading commissions on March 2nd for all trading in equities, fixed income and foreign exchange by the firm’s clients. In addition, Jefferies as a firm will donate $1 million directly, and its more than 4,500 employees worldwide will be given the opportunity to personally donate to these efforts. Given the evolving and complicated situation in Ukraine, these contributions will be carefully allocated to qualified charities to make sure the proceeds go directly to the people most in need.

Rich Handler, CEO, and Brian Friedman, President, of Jefferies commented:

“War has broken out again in Europe, with a maniacal aggressor causing the death of civilians and combatants in a battle that seems to have no objective consistent with a rational world order. All of us at Jefferies feel the anguish and pain caused by this attack on the freedom of innocent people who only wanted to live in peace and pursue normal lives. Jefferies does not have offices in Ukraine (nor in Russia), but we cannot stand by and just watch this carnage and destruction without doing something to help. Circumstances are evolving and there will be some complexity to delivering civilian aid to where it is most needed, but we are committed to assuring that the funds that are contributed will go as directly as possible to support the humanitarian needs of the children, families and communities of Ukraine. We humbly ask for the support of our clients, employee-partners and shareholders as we all do what we can to make as much of a difference as possible for people who desperately need the world’s support. We are in awe of the strength, dedication, perseverance and humanity of the Ukrainian people. We are inspired by their commitment to each other and their leadership’s ability to marshal their fellow citizens’ passion as together they fight for democracy and freedom against incredible odds.”

Source: Jefferies

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