July’s Last Friday


As we close out the month of July many of us are looking forward to an August vacation and all of us are wondering how two-thirds of this summer has come to pass already. Even on low volume days, our world of financial services is fast-paced compared to other industries. Therefore we are more prone to not notice how quickly time goes by. It’s a price we pay for the careers we have chosen. But as we enter this last month of summer, all of us need to find the time to step away from work, even if just for a few days to read a book, take a walk or play a board game with people close to us. For as much as some of us believe that our workplace will fall apart in our absence, it will not. Decisions can wait, cell phones can be turned off and quality time with family and friends should be the only item on our daily agenda. On behalf of STA, we wish you all safe travels, good weather and great memories this August 2016.

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