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Kathryn Zhao

03.01.2015 By Markets Media

Kathryn Zhao joined Cantor Fitzgerald in Sept. 2017 as the Global Head of Electronic Trading. She spent the first six months developing the Precision Algo Platform and has successfully rolled it out since July this year in a record speed, leveraging the most advanced technologies today. Her mandates at Cantor Fitzgerald has expanded to cover other asset classes now that she has built such a great track record in the equity space. Kathryn joined Cantor Fitzgerald from JPMorgan where she was the Global Head of Algorithmic Quantitative Research. She started off at JPMorgan as the Head of Linear Quantitative Research in Asia where she spent almost five years before relocating to New York to take on the Global Head of Algorithmic Quantitative Research. She was leading quantitative research efforts for not only Electronic Trading business but also Delta-One, ETF Market Making, Automated Market Making, Cash, Central Risk Book, as well as Block Trading. Prior to JPMorgan, Kathryn worked at Deutsche Bank, based in Hong Kong, where she started as a portfolio trader before she took over the Electronic Trading team for APAC. She rose very quickly to head up the electronic trading team in Asia because of her portfolio trading experience, deep knowledge in Asian markets microstructure as well as her strong quantitative background. Strong research professional graduated from Cornell University, Kathryn is an experienced quant with a demonstrated history in the financial services industry, skilled in Electronic Trading across Asset Classes, Market Microstructure, Data Analysis and Portfolio Management. Kathryn graduated from Cornell University and Purdue University with double degrees in Statistics and Finance.

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