Kepler Cheuvreux Selects BMLL for Order Book Analytics

Kepler Cheuvreux Selects BMLL for Order Book Analytics

BMLL, the leading, independent provider of harmonised, historical Level 3 Data and analytics, today announced a collaboration with Kepler Cheuvreux, the independent European financial services company specializing in research, execution, advisory, and asset management services. BMLL provides Kepler Cheuvreux’s Quant Research and Algo Development Teams with access to the BMLL Data Lab and granular Level 3 Data to carry out in-depth order book analytics and optimise algo performance.

The BMLL Data Lab is used by sophisticated quants and researchers seeking alpha and actionable insight that are easy to integrate into quantitative research processes and production pipelines. It provides users with more than 6.5 years of harmonised historical data from 65 venues and combines it with easy to use APIs and analytics libraries in a secure cloud environment, allowing firms to perform scalable research without the burden of data sourcing, data curation or data engineering.

Ksenya Rulik, Head of Quant Research at Kepler Cheuvreux, said: “We are delighted to start our journey towards new frontiers in market microstructure research, supported by the great technology of the BMLL Data Lab.”

Using the BMLL Data Lab, Kepler Cheuvreux’s Quant Researchers are able to spend 80% of their time generating market leading order book research rather than cleansing and harmonising data sets. At the same time, the Algo Development Team gains access to high quality, granular Level 3 data to backtest trading strategies, improve algo development and alpha generation.

Jean François Perreton, Head of Algorithmic Trading Quant at Kepler Cheuvreux, added: “As a multi-local agency broker, a deep understanding of order book dynamics for every venue and how it relates to market impact is of paramount importance. By leveraging BMLL Level 3 Data capabilities, we intend to derive unique insights that will put us at the forefront of algorithmic trading innovation.”

The BMLL Data Lab seamlessly integrates with production tools and workflows, allowing users to efficiently turn research into actionable results. BMLL’s Level 3 Data and analytics are delivered as Data Science as a Service, directly into existing workflows to ensure ease of access and enhanced speed to output.

Paul Humphrey, CEO, BMLL, concluded: “We are delighted to work with Kepler Cheuvreux and support their algo development and order book analytics. We have significantly invested into our Data Science as a Service offering to unlock the predictive power of pricing data; we have done the heavy lifting when it comes to data engineering, so that our customers can focus on their business.”

Source: BMLL

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