LCH CDSClear Starts Clearing iTraxx Australia

LCH CDSClear Starts Clearing iTraxx Australia

CDSClear has extended its product coverage beyond the US and Europe with the launch of clearing for iTraxx Australia indices and single name constituents

    • 11 iTraxx Australia indices
    • 38 single name CDS constituents of the iTraxx Australia indices, of which 28 are uniquely available for clearing through CDSClear

Expansion demonstrates continued growth of the CDSClear service

CDSClear users benefit from the widest breadth of products of any credit CCP globally, as well as risk-free compression, tailored backloading and rebalancing for all participants – all within a transparent framework.

Frank Soussan, Global Head of CDSClear and Head of SA EquityClear & CommodityClear, LCH, said: “Extending our coverage to the Australian index and single name CDS market offers our users the opportunity to further consolidate their CDS portfolios in the clearing space, delivering netting and portfolio margining opportunities to enhance capital and operational efficiencies. It also affirms our commitment to providing a global service to the cleared CDS market.”

Source: LCH


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