LCH Has Record Quarter

LCH’s main priorities are ensuring the orderly functioning of markets, continuity of service to its customers and supporting financial stability. LCH continues to operate as normal, notwithstanding the recent market volatility and trading volumes and has seen the following Q1 activity across its clearing services:

Record quarter at SwapClear, with $402 trillion in notional cleared in Q1, up 26% from the same period in 2019Q1 saw three record days for notional cleared; and 10 March was a record day for number of trades cleared

Record quarter for ForexClear; $5.4 trillion cleared, up 25% from Q1 2019$41.6 billion in client notional cleared in Q1 2020, up 455% from Q1 2019
$162.1 billion in deliverable notional cleared in Q1 2020, up 236% from Q1 2019

Record quarter for CDSClear, with €776 billion in notional cleared in Q1 2020, up 73% from previous high in Q3 2019, and up  116% from Q1 2019€63.1 billion in client notional cleared in Q1 2020  (9x Q1 2019)
€15.3 billion Options notional cleared in Q1 2020

Record quarter for clearing GBP at RepoClear Ltd; €9.3 trillion cleared, up 3% from Q1 2019Total of €51.6 trillion cleared across Ltd and SA during Q1 2020
11 March was a record day across RepoClear’s SA and Ltd services, with €1.22 trillion nominal cleared that day

Record day for RepoClear SA achieved during March: €941 billion cleared
Record quarter for clearing at EquityClear. At LCH Ltd, 362 million trade sides were cleared 41% up on the same period last year.12 March was a record day, with 12.7 million trade sides cleared

Record quarter for cash equities clearing at LCH SA’s EquityClear service: 195 million trade sides, cleared in Q1 2020, up 45% from previous high in Q1 2016

Record quarter for clearing commodity derivatives, with 9.8 million contracts cleared in Q1 2020

LCH SwapAgent continues its growth trajectory, with $466 billion notional from 4,622 trade sides registered during Q1 2020

Source: LCH

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