LCH SA Expands Connections to European Equities Venues

LCH SA Expands Connections to European Equities Venues
  • LCH SA has completed connections to Cboe Europe BV (including the Cboe Trade Reporting Service) and Aquis Exchange Europe
  • Market participants benefit from additional routes to clear European equities at LCH SA
  • Increases margining and settlement netting efficiencies available to EquityClear SA customers

LCH, part of LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) today announced that its EquityClear service at LCH SA is now connected to Cboe Europe BV (including the off-book trade reporting service BXTR) and Aquis Exchange Europe. Customers trading on these venues as well as those trade reporting on BXTR can clear, net and settle trades at LCH SA alongside equities traded on Cboe UK, Turquoise Europe and Turquoise UK through the preferred clearing model.

The ‘Preferred CCP’ clearing model allows customers to choose to clear through LCH SA provided that both counterparties to the trade have elected LCH SA as their preferred CCP. Enabling clearing at LCH SA of European euro-denominated securities traded on these venues provides market participants with the potential for significant margin, settlement and clearing cost efficiencies. This expansion also supports the further development of liquidity in European equities markets.

Ivan Gilmore, Head of Cash Equities at LCH Ltd and SA, said: “Through our Paris-based clearing house, EquityClear SA is focused on ensuring our customers continue to benefit from the largest pool of liquidity in cleared European equities. These new connections are part of our strategy to expand the trading venues available to our clearing members. Increasing the options for our customers of where they trade and clear enables greater opportunities for capital and operational efficiencies.”

Jonathan Clelland, CEO, Aquis Exchange Europe, said: “We’re pleased to be able to offer our customers the ability to clear at LCH’s Paris-based EquityClear service. Expanding the clearing opportunities for products traded on our market supports our customers with greater access to the benefits of clearing.”

Natan Tiefenbrun, Head of Equities, Cboe Europe, said: “Providing a trade feed to LCH SA’s EquityClear service demonstrates Cboe Europe’s commitment to open access and competition.”

Source: LCH

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