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Seigo Neckwear

Its discreet Madison Avenue flagship store is tucked away between 89th and 90th streets, existing for its craft rather than modern-day pursuits such as branding and marketing. With limited-edition neckties and bowties meticulously handmade in-store from special Japanese kimono silk by designer and tailor Seigo Katsuragawa, there is no cutting corners. Katsuragawa’s ties are one-of-a-kind, ranging from subtly beautiful to cheerfully bold, and while conservative in cut, the unique patterns and vibrant colors are somehow funky all on their own. Imagine a Brooks Brothers tie, but with better fabric, a more unique pattern, and a depth of color and texture that reveals its more bespoke origins. Neckties start at $80; prices vary depending on fabric.
1248 Madison Avenue, New York (at 89th); locations also at 762 Third Avenue (at 47th St) and 1034 Lexington Avenue (at 73rd).
Modern ArtBuyer.com

Much like its wares, this art retail website is refreshingly contemporary and elegantly simple: “We believe art should enhance your world on a daily basis,” CEO Jessica Lloyd-Smith says. “We have carefully curated a selection of beautiful, contemporary works of art that will become the heart of your space”. Having been formally trained at an art college before embarking on a business career at Liffe, PatSystems, and the LME, Lloyd-Smith returns to her first love with this venture. Features include soon-to-be collector’s items such as Mark Mawson’s photography, showcased recently at Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee celebration.
Breitling Cosmonaute

In 1962, the space race between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. was in full force: Yuri Gagarin had just completed the first manned trip into outer space the year before for the Soviets, and the pressure was on the Americans to top the feat. While developing its Mercury program, NASA required a high-performance chronograph capable of enduring the demands of extraterrestrial atmospheres while giving pilots a 24-hour graduated scale to distinguish day from night.
Enter Breitling, by then already a brand beloved and trusted by pilots. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of its innovative Navitimer Cosmonaute, Breitling is reissuing the watch — 1,962 of them — for a limited time.
$5,500 www.breitling.com
The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, by John Coates.

After gaining finance experience at Goldman Sachs and then running Deutsche Bank’s derivatives desk, John Coates left Wall Street to earn a Ph.D in neuroscience at Cambridge. In his book, Coates explores the tumultuous relationship between human biochemistry and risk-taking: as it turns out, testosterone can drive aggression while successfully trading (the wolf), while after a failure, cortisol acts to suppress any such risk-taking (the dog). Indeed, when it comes to Wall Street, the term ‘testosterone-driven’ is often literal.
$27.95 hardcover / $15 e-book on Amazon.com

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