LiquidityBook Launches Trade Match Product

LiquidityBook, a leading provider of cloud-native buy- and sell-side trading solutions, announced the launch of its highly anticipated LBX Trade Match product.

LiquidityBook has always offered its own organically built FIX trading network as part of its SaaS-based LBX Buy-Side OMS offering, which connects buy-side clients with over 200 broker-dealers and execution venues globally and supports equities, options, futures, FX, derivatives, swaps and CFDs, credit and interfaces to all commercially available EMS and ATS platforms. Thanks to recent enhancements, this new product also offers FIX allocations, confirmations and trade affirmations, enabling clients to leverage the network services they already use and eliminate trade breaks via a single solution.

“Our clients have been consistent: When asked about future product ideas and ways that we can enhance their experience, the ability to manage trade allocations, confirmations and affirmations comes up time and time again,” said Sean Sullivan, Chief Revenue Officer at LiquidityBook. “The idea of an all-in-one offering is very appealing to our clients, as is the need to manage trade risk and settlements. Clients can now do so leveraging the same network services they already access, so LBX Trade Match is a natural extension of the services we provide today. Our broker-dealer network partners have also been extremely receptive, as they too are looking for more technically advanced, cost-efficient ways to settle trades with their clients. This is a trade settlement solution that truly meets the needs of both the buy and sell sides.”

Like LiquidityBook’s other products, LBX Trade Match is part of a single, unified codebase which enables seamless and customizable trade matching as part of the overall workflow. The product is currently live with a 100-billion-dollar hedge fund for its international business, and LiquidityBook has already begun to roll it out to a handful of additional clients.

“This is another value-add to both buy- and sell-side firms, and we are very excited to offer an additional reason for clients to shed their legacy system and migrate to a superior technology platform,” Sullivan added. “In addition, we are actively working with our sell-side clients on other aspects of post-trade processing, and we look forward to continued growth in this area in the months ahead.”

Source: LiquidityBook

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