London Stock Exchange Welcomes XTX Markets as Member Firm

LSEG.com – London Stock Exchange plc today announces that XTX Markets, a leading electronic trading firm providing liquidity in equity, derivatives, FX and commodity markets, is to become a non-clearing  Member Firm of London Stock Exchange on November 8th.

XTX Markets joins more than 350 other Member Firms from 19 countries.

London Stock Exchange membership allows major trading and broking firms to connect directly to Europe’s most liquid and international order book, and to trade central counterparty cleared securities including some of the world’s largest and well known companies. In addition the same connection provides access to London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market which enables trading in derivative contracts in UK securities, index products including FTSE 100 futures and options, Global Depositary Receipts and CurveGlobal interest rate products.

Brian Schwieger, Global Head of Equities Products, London Stock Exchange said:
“We’re delighted to welcome XTX Markets as a Member Firm today. Their joining is a clear demonstration of the broad appeal London Stock Exchange membership offers to the world’s most sophisticated market making and liquidity providing firms.”

Andonis Sakatis, Head of Business Development at XTX Markets, commented:
“We are delighted to become a non-clearing member of London Stock Exchange. We look forward to continuing to be a robust liquidity provider and market partner for all counterparties on the exchange as we grow our business across geographies and products.”

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