LuxSE and Brazilian Fintech Cooperate On Data In LatAm

LuxSE and Brazilian Fintech Cooperate On Data In LatAm

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE), its wholly owned subsidiary Fundsquare and Brazilian financial technology company Quantum have entered into an agreement, which will provide investors and key market players in Latin America with access to a broader scope of financial data.

As part of the agreement, LuxSE and Fundsquare will deliver an extensive range of financial data, including static, dynamic and regulatory documentary data, to Quantum, which will swiftly analyse and display this information and make it available to its diverse customer base, including asset managers, banks, brokers, pension funds and private equity firms, to facilitate their entry to international capital markets. By gaining access to the robust financial data and proprietary platform provided by LuxSE and Fundsquare, Quantum will add a strong international dimension to its service offering.

Building bridges between markets

LuxSE is the first European exchange and Fundsquare the first leading data hub specialised in Luxembourg domiciled funds, to distribute financial data to Quantum.

At the same time, Quantum is LuxSE and Fundsquare’s first financial data client in the Latin American market. Through this agreement, LuxSE, Fundsquare and Quantum will provide LATAM investors with the financial information they need to broaden their strategies and scope of investment.

Relying on established key financial players

LuxSE is the world’s leading listing venue for international debt securities and offers real-time, delayed, end-of-day and historical market data. Its LGX DataHub also provides essential non-financial information to sustainability-focused investors.

“As a leading international exchange, we facilitate investment across the globe. Our agreement with Quantum provides investors and asset managers in Brazil and beyond with market data and crucial financial information, allowing them to gain a better understanding of international capital markets. We are optimistic we will be able to extend the cooperation with Quantum to other market related areas,” commented Julie Becker, CEO of LuxSE.

Fundsquare is the main data hub for Luxembourg domiciled funds and provides in-depth fund data to distributors, pension funds and investors looking for robust investment information and planning tools.

“The Quantum-Fundsquare agreement is an opportunity to extend our service offering beyond Europe and reinforces our objectives of international exposure. Our proprietary platform serves not only as a solution for the collection and dissemination of data in an efficient, accurate and secure way; it also acts as an ambassador for Luxembourg domiciled funds allowing them to gain visibility in the LATAM market. Fundsquare is proud to be part of such market synergies,” stated Jeffrey Nadal, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer of Fundsquare.

Powering informed decisions

Over the last two decades, Quantum has gained a solid position in Brazil as a financial technology company that helps investors and financial professionals turn data into financial analysis and winning strategies. Quantum operates a large, cloud-based financial database encompassing a wide range of quantitative and qualitative financial data that financial professionals use as a basis for their investment strategies. Through its platform, the Brazilian fintech allows market players to access, analyse, compare, track and disclose financial data in a consistent and efficient manner.

“We are very proud and excited about this agreement with the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Fundsquare. Luxembourg is a prime domicile for Brazilian and other LATAM investors. This cooperation places us in a better position to facilitate our clients’ business. Now, they can easily grow their portfolios with Luxembourg domiciled products, which, by the way, is a trend that has steadily grown in recent years. We also look forward to extend the cooperation to other areas,“ declared Maxim Wengert, Partner of Quantum.

This agreement reflects LuxSE, Fundsquare and Quantum’s international scope and their focus on enhancing information sharing and access to global capital markets.

Source: LuxSE

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