Lynx ATS: Omega Securities Inc’s New Marketplace


Omega Securities Inc (OSI) the parent company of Omega ATS is pleased to introduce a second trading marketplace, Lynx ATS, in Q4 of 2013. Lynx ATS will have no subscription fee, no connection fee, and no data fee, Lynx will offer the lowest overall costs of any marketplace in Canada. Deploying matching technology hosted by OSI’s ThymeX matching engines, Lynx ATS promises speed at no extra cost to the subscriber. Lynx will charge only the transactional fees on executed trades. Omega ATS subscribers who become Lynx subscribers will be able to leverage existing connectivity, or establish entirely new connections to Lynx depending on the individual needs. As a result, subscription, connectivity, and market data for this new marketplace will place no burden on subscribers.

Lynx ATS will launch with all the same order types and functionality of Omega ATS. Unlike Omega ATS, Lynx ATS will deploy the popular maker/taker style pricing model for all trading activity, and the ‘default’ attribution setting for Lynx ATS will be broker attributed with the option to enter orders anonymously on a ticket by ticket basis.

“We wanted to offer the Canadian trading community the lowest total cost marketplace in the Industry. The only way to compete effectively was to diversify our offering and level the playing field through liquidity providing incentives,” states Brian Crew, President and CEO of OSI. Crew continued, “It has become abundantly clear that other existing marketplaces have no plans to reduce the number of trading venues they operate, despite the lack of diversity offered within its venues. OSI will take the initiative and apply the necessary competitive pressures, in an effort to evoke cost savings for the Canadian trading community.”

OSI intends to launch the new alternate trading system early in Q4 of 2013. For more information about OSI, Omega ATS or Lynx ATS please visit the official website at:

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