By Terry Flanagan

Maple and TMX group announce completion of offer

TORONTO, August 10, 2012 – TMX Group Limited, formerly Maple Group Acquisition Corporation (“Maple”), and TMX Group Inc. (“TMX Group”) today announced the expiry of the deposit extension period in respect of Maple’s offer to acquire up to 80% of the TMX Group shares for $50 per share in cash. Approximately 95.4% of the outstanding TMX Group shares have been deposited under the Maple offer. In accordance with the terms of the offer, Maple has acquired 80% of the outstanding TMX Group shares, and the remaining TMX Group shares deposited under the Maple offer but not acquired by Maple will be returned to TMX Group shareholders. All TMX Group shares that were not acquired by Maple under the offer will be exchanged for shares of Maple on a one-for-one basis pursuant to the subsequent arrangement, as described below.


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