Mark Carney Names van Steenis As Senior Adviser

Huw van Steenis will work with colleagues from around the Bank of England to deepen its understanding of a number of major issues, including the prospects for new financial technologies to better serve UK household and businesses, the implications of the further growth and integration of major emerging economies for cross-border financial flows, and the challenges and opportunities arising from the transition to a low carbon economy.

The Governor, Mark Carney, said: “Huw van Steenis’s vast experience of both the asset management and banking industry, together with his track record of taking the long-term view on the major structural forces driving the economy, will be invaluable to us in developing our thinking on what the financial system of tomorrow might look like. I greatly appreciate his decision to move into public service and look forward to working with him.”

Huw van Steenis most recently served as Global Head of Strategy at Schroders. Prior to that he was Global Head Banks and Diversified Financials research at Morgan Stanley.

The appointment is expected to last between six and nine months.

Source: Bank of England

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