MayStreet Brings DaaS Processing for U.S. Equities, Options and Futures


NEW YORK, April 19, 2016 – MayStreet today introduced the first high-precision, packet-capture and processing service for the U.S. equities, options and futures markets. This Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) fills the market’s need to combine high-precision, GPS packet-capture data (.pcap) collected at each liquidity site and cloud-based computing resource. This provides MayStreet customers like Sumo Capital, a Chicago-based JBO proprietary and market-making firm led by co-founder and partner John Superson, with unique insight into U.S. market microstructure.

The MayStreet DaaS utilizes cloud-based, post-processing and computing resources to address the common need of going from high-precision data to particular data formats more amenable to research and compliance workflows. What makes this DaaS unique, explains MayStreet co-founder and CEO Patrick Flannery, is that it allows for delivery in near-arbitrary formats ranging from the raw .pcap files to custom binary-compressed formats. Customers, he says, are using a combination of packet-capture, MayStreet’s Bellport™ software suite and cloud-based computing resources to build affordable, best-in-breed research and compliance infrastructures.

“Our primary goal has been to build foundational tools that would exist in any top-tier high-frequency (HFT) or market-making firm, making them readily available as fast-time-to-market, affordable, modular products,” says Flannery. “By combining high-quality data, high-precision packet capture, cloud computing and our Bellport™ software suite, buy-side and sell-side firms now can quickly merge large, unwieldy amounts of market data with order-entry and trade information for a comprehensive view of the markets at exacts points in time in the past – a distinct competitive advantage.”

“We turned to MayStreet for the high quality of their products, which allow us to solve a bevy of challenging problems quickly, a huge advantage when you need a fast-time-to-market, competitive edge to enter new markets,” says Sumo Capital’s Superson.

“Given capital markets competitive pressures for flexibility, high-quality data and reduced costs, cloud-based solutions are the direction in which many new deployments are heading,” says Terry Roach, director of fintech research at the capital markets research firm TABB Group.  “Increasingly, fewer firms want to own this infrastructure as the cloud becomes more robust, trusted and secure.”

About MayStreet

MayStreet specializes in next-gen market-access and analytics software for latency-sensitive proprietary trading firms – prop trading firms, asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks and exchanges – that need high-precision, cost-efficient and fast-time-to-market solutions. Their solutions include: Bellport™, an ultra-low latency, flexible library for trading, research, latency monitoring and compliance; Dataport™, a data-management suite that works in tandem with hardware-capture technologies; Backport™, a high-precision record of the US equity, options and futures markets; Tickerport™, a services-based TCP/UDP ticker plant for managed market-data; and a high-precision, packet-capture and processing DaaS for the U.S. equities, options and futures. For more information, visit www.maystreet.com or write to sales@maystreet.com.

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