Moscow Exchange Expands Connectivity In Asia And Middle East

Moscow Exchange has facilitated connectivity options for professional market participants and their clients from Asia and the Middle East.

In collaboration with Avelacom, it has deployed new Points of Presence (PoPs) in the most sophisticated and largest data centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai and Mumbai. Market participants have received high speed access to MOEX’s markets without the need to build extra infrastructure and pay for low latency network connection to Moscow.

MOEX’s PoPs provide the following features:
• Low latency connectivity across major trading venues globally;
• FIX protocol for trading transactions;
• Access to MOEX’s market data;
• Trading on MOEX’s market (Equity & Bond, FX and Derivatives Markets) through Sponsored Market Access (SMA).

In addition to this expanded global reach in MOEX’s connectivity, cooperation with Avelacom has allowed the Exchange to improve quality specifications of its PoP in London: latency from the LD4 data center to MOEX has been reduced to 36 milliseconds (from 41 milliseconds).

Igor Marich, FX and Money Market Managing Director at Moscow Exchange, commented:

“We see growing interest in Russian assets from these regions from financial market participants such as investment funds, HFT traders and market makers. The new PoPs in Asia, which have been deployed in the most commonly used data centers for connection, will help existing customers optimize their connectivity schemes, while providing new customers with more effective trading solutions and open access to MOEX’s liquidity pool. We are confident that the high-end market access infrastructure will also enable us to attract new participants and their clients to the Russian market.”

Aleksey Larichev, CEO of Avelacom said:

“This is a meaningful partnership that makes us responsible for the management and support of services to MoEx’s international institutional clients. It’s an acknowledgement of the work we have previously done to provide a high-performance and sustainable trading environment. These simplified connectivity options will help attract more clients to MoEx from all over the world.”

Source: Avelacom

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