By John D'Antona Editor, Traders Magazine

MTS BondsPro becomes first electronic fixed income platform to offer direct trading access through Bloomberg TSOX

06.10.2016 By John D'Antona Editor, Traders Magazine

MTS.com – New York -MTS Markets International, Inc. (“MTS”), part of London Stock Exchange Group, (LSEG), today announces the launch of the first direct access trading connection by an unaffiliated electronic platform with Bloomberg’s execution management system for fixed income (“TSOX”).

Integrated access to the MTS BondsPro fixed income electronic trading platform enables buy-side traders using the Bloomberg TSOX system to now trade USD and non-USD corporate bonds in the MTS BondsPro liquidity pool, directly from their Bloomberg terminal.

Bloomberg users connecting to MTS BondsPro will enjoy increased price discovery by viewing real-time ticking bond prices within TSOX. Users will also have streamlined ability to trade by exercising a simple click-to-trade function, and have the functionality to leave a resting order with MTS BondsPro directly from the terminal.

Traders seeking to access and interact with MTS BondsPro liquidity will be able to do so as part of their approved workflow, ensuring streamlined support of audit, compliance, straight-through-processing, pre- and post-trade analytics, and post-trade workflows such as allocations.

Mark Monahan, CEO of MTS Markets International, said: “We are thrilled to be the first to team up with Bloomberg to offer direct bond trading through its TSOX platform, giving traders yet another way to access MTS BondsPro. For MTS, this continues our US expansion efforts and is at the heart of our open access model. The partnership addresses the growing demand for ease of integration, enabling Bloomberg users to begin trading on MTS BondsPro liquidity immediately.”

Jim Switzer, Head of Credit Trading, Alliance Bernstein, said: “Getting access to the additional liquidity provided by MTS through TSOX – without having to invest in an integration effort and without disrupting the way our traders trade today – provides great benefit to our trading desk. The efficiency of this integrated access makes it easy for us to participate in this additional liquidity.”

MTS acquired the Bonds.com platform in May 2014, now called MTS BondsPro, to expand its credit offering for US clients. Through its all-to-all institutional order book, the platform facilitates access to a diverse network of over 600 buy- and sell-side institutions in the US, UK and Switzerland.

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