Nasdaq Markets Pilot ESG Reporting

Nasdaq announced an ESG (economic, social and governance) Reporting Pilot Program for its Nordic and Baltic markets. The program will be based on the voluntary ESG Reporting Guide published by Nasdaq’s exchanges in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Iceland, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius in March 2017.

Speaking at Nasdaq’s ESG Integration Summit in Stockholm, Lauri Rosendahl, President of Nasdaq Nordic, said: “To support our markets in reaching better and more broad-based ESG reporting – and hence better markets – we asked our listed companies, investors and other stakeholders to give their feedback on ESG reporting. Voluntary participation has been essential to our progress so far, and we now invite listed companies in the Nordic and Baltic markets to begin actually using the ESG Reporting Guide and report their experiences back to us.”

Evan Harvey, Nasdaq Global Head of Sustainability, provided more details: “The Pilot Program will run for one year, starting September 1, and will be open to 10–16 companies of various sizes, market locations, and business sectors. Nasdaq will solicit feedback from participating companies, prepare a report, and make the findings public. These pilot companies will be vital partners in the evolution of a smart and effective ESG Reporting practice.”

The ESG Integration Summit, an all-day Nordic and Baltic sustainability event, is hosted by Nasdaq Stockholm. The event has attracted more than 100 prominent ESG professionals and delegates from listed companies, investors, exchanges, and regulatory communities to join the discussion on the direction and resources for contributing to the future health and prosperity of not only our markets, but also our planet.

If you are interested in more information on the Nasdaq ESG Reporting Guide or our Pilot Program, please contact sustainability@nasdaq.com.

Source: Nasdaq

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