Nasdaq Nordic Markets List First SPAC

Shanny Basar
Nasdaq Nordic Markets List First SPAC

Nasdaq announces that trading in ACQ Bure AB’s shares (short name ACQ SPAC) commences on the Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market. The company belongs the Financials segment and is the first SPAC, and the 27th company overall, to be admitted to trading on Nasdaq’s Nordic markets* in 2021.

AQC Bure is the first SPAC, Special Purpose Acquisition Company, to be listed in the Nordics, with others expected to follow shortly. The listing follows an increasing demand among issuers and investors for SPACs as a complement to the already existing listing models that Nasdaq offers. In the U.S, more than 180 SPACs have been listed with Nasdaq since the beginning of 2021 and the growth is likely to continue.

Behind the first SPAC is the Investment Company Bure Equity (BURE) who appointed Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, SEB AB, as the global coordinator and book runner on ACQ Bure. ACQ intends to acquire a sustainable Nordic quality company with an enterprise value of SEK 3-7 billion. There has been a strong interest among investors and some of Sweden´s biggest pension funds have lined up to participate.

“The great interest in ACQ demonstrated by the public and institutional investors confirms the attractiveness of ACQ’s offer,” said Henrik Blomquist, CEO. “We are delighted to welcome all the shareholders in ACQ and look forward to create long term shareholder value together.”

“We are thrilled to welcome ACQ Bure as our very first SPAC in the Nordics as they list in Stockholm,” said Adam Kostyál, Head of European Listings at Nasdaq. “SPACs offer a new way to enter the public market and there is a lot of interest from European issuers to list SPACs. We look forward to support ACQ Bure over the coming comings months as they look to acquire a company.”

*Main markets and Nasdaq First North at Nasdaq Copenhagen, Nasdaq Helsinki, Nasdaq Iceland and Nasdaq Stockholm

Source: Nasdaq

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