NeuraBASE Partners with Agorai


Agorai, a global platform which provides an inventory of turnkey software solutions, technology, and data needed for any company to join the AI economy, today announced that Neuramatix, a provider of artificial intelligence tools powered by a proprietary neural engine called NeuraBASE, is joining the Agorai AI marketplace.

Through this key partnership, NeuraBASE will be available to participants of the Agorai AI marketplace, including both end users and application developers. With a mission to deliver instant, uncensored access to artificial intelligence tools to companies around the globe, Agorai aims to empower its marketplace participants with the leading AI technology available.

“Many companies today are focused on the theoretical uses of artificial intelligence rather than how they can create solutions with practical applications. Neuramatix has unique technology assets which can be used to build sophisticated AI solutions with real-world business benefits that are ready to deploy,” said Josh Sutton, CEO, Agorai. “Neuramatix is a true pioneer in the AI industry, and we are excited that we can provide Agorai market participants direct access to their valuable technologies.”

Neuramatix’s NeuraBASE implements a model based on an alternative theory of how the brain works. To exhibit true intelligence, a system must be able to adapt to continuous learning from new inputs, and to recall what it has learnt previously. The solution enables machines to observe patterns in data and convey the information in the same way that the human brain learns, stores, retrieves, and expresses information. Its unique characteristics enable the creation of neuronal networks, which are larger and faster than conventional neural networks. NeuraBASE has a broad range of applications including high-throughput natural language processing and translation, bioinformatics analysis, robotic control systems, speech, semantic analysis, and more.

“Our NeuraBASE technology enables companies to design and train neuronal networks to deliver cutting-edge adaptive machine capabilities without brute force. We are committed to providing companies with access to this sophisticated technology, in the same way that Agorai is committed to providing their marketplace participants with unfettered access to the premier AI tools on the market,” said Robert Hercus, Founder & Director, Neuramatix. “We are pleased to partner with Agorai and open up our cornerstone NeuraBASE architecture to all Agorai marketplace participants so that they can deliver intelligent solutions.”

Agorai and Neuramatix have also commenced efforts to negotiate a definitive acquisition agreement for substantially all of the AI-related assets and patents owned by Neuramatix. It is anticipated that this agreement will be executed prior to the launch of the Agorai Marketplaces.

The Agorai Marketplaces are scheduled for launch in early 2019. To participate in the pilot or for more information, visit www.agorai.ai.

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